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Builders Cleans

We and our associated companies have many years experience providing professional post builders cleans. These services include:

  • Removal of rubble and post build debris including plaster spots on floors to which a covering such as vinyl or carpet has to be applied.
  • “De-taping” windows and white goods.
  • Scrubbing down kitchen and bathroom tiles to remove plaster and grout residue (sometimes requiring specialist chemicals and treatment)
  • Professionally clean all windows and glass inside and out.
  • Interior clean of all cupboards, particularly as installed in the kitchen.
  • Deep-clean skirting boards, doors and frames, and fixtures and fittings.
  • Immediate post build clean to remove all residual rubble and debris pre second fix.
  • A more comprehensive clean once second fix is complete; and
  • A final “sparkle” immediately prior to hand over.